I built this website to share my completed MAME arcade cabinet with other arcade enthusiasts.  Have a look around and I hope you like what you see.  Check it out & contact me at TomnMindy@msn.com if you have any questions or comments.  I'll be happy to help you out if I can!

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It all started back in 1979...really!  I was 10 years old.  That's when the babysitter watching my brother & I took us to an arcade in Buffalo, NY called 'Deli Place'.  This is where I was first exposed to pinball & pong!  If I only knew...Not long after this, the pizzeria down the street boasted Asteroids, then Galaxian.  Forget pizza, we'd go there to play vid games!  I wonder if my high score is still up there...


Drill a hole...then drill another hole...then

As I grew older, my appetite for arcade games also grew.  I'm sure it could've been classified as an addiction.  Each Saturday when I was about 14, I'd go to the local Putt-Putt arcade to satisfy my cravings.  A friend & I rode our bikes 5 miles each way with $5 in our pocket, and a coupon in our other pocket that doubled our tokens at Putt-Putt.  We'd spend Saturday mornings by the glow of the likes of Dig-Dug, Tempest, Ms. Pac-Man and Tron, our pockets bulging full of tokens.

Which button is the death ray?

Fast forward 20 years (yup, I'm 35 now, losing hair and getting thick around the middle).  Married with 3 kids.  Of course my wife is an arcade addict like myself (that was a pre-requisite for marriage!), and the kids (and Dad!) naturally have access to Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation, PS2, XBOX and computer gaming.  But something was still missing...

You call that a high score?

Enter stage left a book called  'Project Arcade' by John St. Clair.  This book, in about 400 pages, shows virtually anyone how to build a classic arcade cabinet.  Huh?  You can build your very own arcade cabinet?  Send me the book now! 

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures over the course of the project, but there are hundreds of other sites that do a much better job at this then I ever could anyway.  Here are a few pics of my progress and the finished cabinet.


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What a BEAST!  I think the house is leaning...



2.2GHz Celeron
24" RCA via S-Video
Creative Labs Inspire 2.1 Speakers
Mame .96


Digital Jukebox
Ultimarc T-Stik Plus
Oscar controls Model 3 Spinner
6 buttons per player
Happ Controls 3" translucent trackball



Making a a Marquee Lightbox

Step 1!

Step 2!

Step 3!

Step 4!

Gather Materials!

Favorite Marquee
Miter saw
Scrap Wood
Wood Filler
Jason Mask optional


Cut groove in wood for marquee to rest in
Cut wood to size
Nail/screw/glue together
Fill nail holes

Light Me Up!

Cut scrap piece of backer board (scrap wood)
Attach light fixture
Cut hole big enough for finger to hit on/off rocker swtich


Tell everyone how hard this project was and you'll never do it again...


Screenshots of 24" RCA TV using S-Video

DSC00283.JPG (537479 bytes) DSC00290.JPG (518808 bytes) DSC00373.JPG (564369 bytes) DSC00334.JPG (598900 bytes)
DSC00388.JPG (583140 bytes) DSC00343.JPG (578342 bytes) DSC00420.JPG (603705 bytes) DSC00422.JPG (623567 bytes)


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